Tutorial 6: Innovative digital tools and methods 


  • Flash card tool helping users to memorize facts, words, etc.

  • Content-agnostic and supports audio, video and images can be synced with other devices

  • Supports listening, learning a language, studying for medical and law exams, memorizing people's names and faces, brushing up on geography, mastering long poems - Synchronization: Keeps the cards in sync across multiple devices, Optimized: handles decks of 100.000+- cards, Flexibility: Options like card layouts and review timing, Fully extensible: large number of add-ons available, Media rich: embed audio clips, images, videos and scientific markup on your card, Open-source: code and storage formate is open, the important data is safe


                                EXPLAIN EVERYTHING

  • Visualizing learning (conversations) at a distance, you can learn together with others, zoom things in detail, easy to use, voice chat and collaborate as pupils are in the same room, you can record everything, you can share the recoding and others can watch it


Questions to evaluate the tools

1. What is the tool´s potential in language learning contexts? Give some examples. Use the SAMR model to help you.












  • Anki is a flash card tool that helps users to memorize facts and words, you can use it the same way as you use real flash cards where you write down something. A functional improvement is that you can also work with images, audios and videos.

  • Explain everything: improvement: pupils can watch the videos over and over again, also at home, they have every time access to every video and presentation


2. How easy is the tool to use and to adapt to the language classroom?

  • Anki: App can be used to learn vocabulary, students can use the App via their Smartphone

  • Explain everything: usage is easy to understand, students can create explaining-videos


3. What possibilities does this tool offer for communication and collaboration amongst learners?

  • Anki: Audios on the flash cards show the students how to pronounce words and vocabulary correctly

  • Explain everything: Students can create videos together and therefore communicate with others


4. In order to use the tool, what are the important technical aspects to consider in terms of compatibility of operating system?

  • Anki: you can review it on windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

  • Explain everything: You can use this tool with tablets or computers