Tutorial 1: What is a portfolio and an e-portfolio? 

Activity 1
Try to remember a learning experience that you liked or a course that made you feel good. Try to explain the reasons why. 

„Bekleidungsphysiologie und Funktionstextilien“

This course was about the different materials clothing could be made of and the advantages and disadvantages of the materials. 

In the first lecture the lecturer showed us different clothes which are made of different materials and gave us the opportunity to actually feel the material. After, he told us if we finish the seminar, we will be able to tell which material is used best in different situations, for example sports. 

In every lecture he brought some cloth and the students could feel the differences and were allowed to cut out a piece of this cloth. Thereby we got the opportunity to collect all these different materials and could compare these with our own clothes. 
The teacher was really open minded and treated us very well. He always gave us the opportunity to share our opinions about a certain aspect. Because of his kind character he built a quiet strong relationship with his students. The open way he talked with us, made the whole lecture more interesting. He shared his excitement about the topic with us, so we also got passionate about it.  

Activity 2: Create a mind map 
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Experience with the chosen platform

We decided to work with the platform WIX first of all because we thought the design looked very good, modern and attractive.

Unfortunately we had a lot of problems to understand how you work with it. But every start is difficult  right ?! :) 

The first massive problem we had, was to upload a video. It just didn't want to work. After many many tries, all of them failed, we searched for a tutorial on YouTube  which explained us the usage of the platform really, really good. THANKS A LOT. And suddenly, out of a miracle, the video was uploaded and ready to watch. 

Furthermore the platform is very slow, you need a lot of patience and your computer needs a lot of energy. A little disadvantage. 

On the whole, the website is easy to understand, if you understood it once, and easy & fun to work with. We would every choose it again. 


Your initial representation and beliefs 

What is my educational background/setting/context?

  • Finishing High School, after, study at the university 

Which meaningful experiences of learning and teaching have I had so far?

  • The differences in which teachers try to communicate their knowledge about a certain topic 

Which meaningful experiences of learning and teaching have I had so far?

  • Lectures

  • Watching movies in English, reading books in English 

  • Communicating with English speaking people 

Which meaningful experiences of learning and teaching have I had so far?

  • It makes a big difference in which way you transfer your knowledge to your students 

  • It is important that your students get interested in a certain topic.

Your education and training needs

Which challenges do emerge from my teaching and learning experiences?  

  • To get students interested in a topic 

  • To transfer the knowledge that the students get a deeper understanding for a topic

Which questions or issues arise from my current knowledge about language teaching and learning?

  • What are good strategies to teach grammar appropriately and understandable